If you are reading this article, I bet that you have watched a few seasons of The Block and reckon you have decided to find some tips and tricks on house renovating. But before you begin knocking down structural walls to bring an indoor Zen garden, experts say there are loads of approaches to give your place a Moët makeover on a VB budget. To prevent over spending, it is important to follow the guideline of ‘never to spend more than 10 percent of your property’s present value on the job’. Below are some tips and tricks to renovating your home whether for property worth, or for your own.

  1. Break it down

To avoid getting overwhelmed, renovation specialist Barry Du Bois, from Channel 10’s The Living Room, indicates you split up each job into small tasks.

Split the house up into chambers, split it up in the tasks within each area so you can see your progress as you go. Otherwise, it may get too large and you may lose an eye on where you are headed, and then shed enthusiasm and motivation. Perhaps find a tradie to help out at the beginning of renovating; this may help you to figure out the plan and process of renovating.

  1. Make kerb appeal

The great Australian dream is a large backyard, but unfortunately the rear and front yards are the most neglected areas of most properties. 81 percent of gardens and outside jobs are left unfinished by Aussie home improvers, found by a survey of Experts Home Improvement. Perhaps install new garden beds and plants, rejuvenate old concrete pathways and drives with a gurney and paving paint for greater visual appeal.

These are all tricks you can use to make people believe you have spent more money than you really have.

  1. Small things, big difference

You do not even need to get out the tools for some small cosmetic procedures. Small tasks and finishings, like heating and cooling in rooms, cleaning filthy exhaust fans, upgrading doorknobs and handles, and painting doorframes, are all things possible buyers notice. Cleanliness and presentation are paramount to people enjoying the house and seeing themselves living there. If this is the first DIY renovation, the first room you try should be the laundry room, in contrast to the kitchen or bathroom as you are just a beginner and the less mistakes made on the bigger rooms, the better it is for your house value and your own self esteem to keep renovating.

  1. Look the part

If you wish to get discounts on hardware, appliances and contracting work, do not do it while wearing your polo Ralph Lauren. Like it or not, sales people judge you on your appearance. However, if you walk into a shop to negotiate sporting designer sunglasses, they are going to attempt to extract each and every cent from you – so actually appear to be a tradie.

And when online shopping is more your speed, make sure you are getting the right deal online. Do your research and find the best site for you, so you can save money and time shopping in the future.

  1. There is a program for that

Save money, time, and frustration by downloading these free popular house apps.

Paint My Position: Never purchase sample paint pots again. Trial more than 30,000 colours from bestselling brands, by taking a photograph of this area you want to paint and virtually changing its colour.

DIY Handyman Toolbox: Performs common handyman calculations; converts between metric and imperial measurements; computes in square or cubic metres, which can be useful when purchasing materials for flooring, concreting, gardens and painting.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Find plenty of interior decorating inspiration from 1.5 million layout ideas which you may save to a digital scrapbook.


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