Setting up a house for future retirement is an important aspect of any retiring household. To do this, plans must be put in place to ensure a safe living environment that will minimise your risk of injury when combined with other intervention strategy like falls prevention training. This should involve modifications to your house that creates a more secure, safe space that is a lot easier to reside in. We have compiled a listing of aging suggestions to assist you for the modifications you may make to your own, or even a loved one’s house. These ideas include house remodeling jobs, or smaller tasks, which can overall increase the safeness of your home. Our expectation is to motivate you to take charge of your own wellbeing in your home, which makes the transition to retirement easy and pleasurable.


Doors and Openings

Each interior door in your house must be 32″ wide at minimal. This allows for easier access by foot traffic and makes them reachable (A 36″ width is recommended). In case you need to replace a door, then you need to replace it with as 36″ doorway, if at all possible.

Effortless opening Drawers and doors

To create all exterior and interior doors, cupboard doors, and cabinet doors can be made reachable by altering the way open them. All door handles should be altered from standard door handles to lever grips. All cabinet drawers and doors should possess “D” type door handles. Open shelves and cabinets or slide-out shelves are much better.

Carpet and Flooring

All carpet and flooring have to be maintained in good shape. Ripped or loose carpet can raise the odds for falling or tripping. Consider replacing any worn carpets using a safer low-risk style or alternative floor covering for a more secure method of living.

Slippery Flooring

By removing or diminishing slippery surfaces, you will lower the prospect of falling. You might want to look at replacing or covering slippery floors with low pile carpeting or anti-trip surfaces. Additionally, it is suggested to keep floor surfaces clean. This is particularly true in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom to reduce slipping.

Throw Rugs

Eliminate all throw carpets and/or rugs. Unsecured rugs are a top cause of falling and tripping. Rather, maybe look at using non-slip flooring without, throw rugs whatsoever for a safer environment.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is extremely crucial for keeping a secure atmosphere. Low light is tough on the eyes and also reduces apparent eyesight, which may raise the probability of tripping. Adding extra lighting in rooms, cabinets or other regions that require just a little bit milder (job lights are more affordable than adding lighting fittings and permit you to get the lighting precisely where you require it) may lessen the possibility of tripping. But, adequate fittings in each room is essential.

Light Switches

Convenient light switch places which are easy to achieve is quite critical in almost any family. The ability to switch lighting off and on before entering an area is essential to guarantee safety. Rocker switches are perfect for usability, or you might also contemplate installing lighted switch discs, which will aid in finding the light switch when it’s dark.

An individual’s ability to get about their home and socialise with their environment will ultimately determines their success (and pride) with aging in place.

Appropriate preparation and alterations can permit you to move around safely in your house. Making minor adjustments can greatly enhance your wellbeing. As an example, installing grab bars can help you maintain your balance on your toilet and widening doorways are able to allow you to get around on your house easier. Also consider furniture as well; a quality bed with a hospital mattress can help you get in and out easier. Having usable and accessible shared places should also be a target if remodeling for aging in place to boost home security, and to make aging a pleasant experience for everybody.

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