Choosing the right electrical contractor is more complex than just picking the first one you see and giving them your money to do the job as quickly as possible. Picking the right person for the job is a big deal because if there is an electrical fault, your house could end up burning down or someone could get badly hurt, and so you want to make sure that you don’t muck around with something serious and get a trusted professional for the job. Also, be aware that there are electricians who specialize in different areas, such as street lighting and car park lighting.

When hiring one, it’s smart to consider the following points:

  • electric-panel-1624568What work needs to be done
  • Is the electrician licensed
  • Where are they based
  • Are they reliable and trustworthy
  • What are they going to charge for the job

When do I actually need to hire an electrician?

Everyone knows that electricians install and repair electrical systems. However, what people don’t know is what kind of electrical work you will actually need to call an electrician for.

You must get an electrician for even the small things such as:

You’re probably thinking about how that all sounds like pretty basic tasks and that you reckon you can do that yourself, but don’t. DIY electrical work can be extremely dangerous. It can result in damage, injury, fire, or even death, not to mention that if any of that happens, you will be completely liable for it if you haven’t been using a qualified electrician.

Hiring the right person

Here are some tips on making sure you’re hiring the right electrician for the job:

  • Find someone who is local to you – this is a lot more convenient and also ensures that you aren’t being charged for the lengthy travel time
  • Get numerous quotes – it is smart to compare a few quotes to keep your options open. Not all electricians will charge the exact same amount for the same work but they should be quite similar
  • Ask other trusted contractors – if you’re getting other home renovations done, the builder or any other contractor you are using will probably know a good electrician that they like working with
  • Check their license – it should not be a problem for your electrician to show you their license. However, if they refuse to show you, hire someone else

For more tips on making sure you hire the right electrician for the job, visit to read more.

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