1. Work from the inside out

To have a successful design, you must have a good floor plan. Each space in the house should be tailored to suit the people that live there. Create spaces that flow and function well before you start to even consider things like colours, accessories, and the backyard landscaping.

Private Garden at Sunset, Autumn

2. Avoid doing the work yourself to “save money”

When it comes to people renovating their house, a lot of people think that they should do the work themselves in order to save money on the renovation. However, DIY renovations can backfire very easily with blocked drains and a burst pipe. For example, if you decide to do electrical work yourself and not hire a reliable electrician, it could potentially result in a person being hurt or a fire. If the quality of work is not up to a professional standard, it can diminish your sale price, which may eliminate any profit you might have made.  Therefore, getting the help of a professional might be pricier, but it will turn out better and improve your profit possibility.

3. Put your hard earned cash where it shows

You work hard for your money and so when you’re investing it into your home, it is vital that you spend it where it shows the most. Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses and so you need to focus majority of your money and attention on those places. If you have an amazing kitchen and bathroom, that adds a lot of value to your home and it’s definitely something all of the neighbours will be jealous of.


4. Research your architect

When you want to do some home renovations, it is smart to bring in an architect to construct a plan best suited for your home. It is recommended that you take the time to review past work and speak to some past clients about their experiences. One thing to remember is that trends come and go, so it’s best to keep things simple.

5. Landscaping is important

The Australian lifestyle is to be outside and entertain, and so you must allow for a percentage of your budget to be spent on the outside of your home. The exterior and yard of your home needs to have a lot of attention and so that way it complements the work you’ve done inside. If you have a minimal budget, a lot of greenery and a clean and functional outside entertaining area that should also include a nice awning to suit your home will definitely improve the appeal of your home, with keeping the cost to a minimum. It is great to acquire the help of landscaping contractors to make sure you’re doing what’s best, especially making it easy for a handy man to do hot water service repairs. However, if you find yourself having a bit more money to splurge, getting a beautiful outdoor area is key. Invest some money into getting some architectural timber beams to create a roof with a modern and industrial feel.

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